Important Notice: Free Trial Period Ending January 3rd 2012

Thanks for supporting Kumulos. We’ve had some great feedback since we launched the new platform last month.

This is an important reminder that if your apps are production ready, you must go through the billing process by Tuesday January 3rd.

Please put your live apps into production with Kumulos by January 3rd 2012, so we can ensure none of your API calls result in an “Account Suspended” response code if the app is installed on over 25 devices.

I’ve detailed steps below on how you can do this:

On your app’s dashboard, there’s a switch called “Application status” which will be “Off”. To go live, simply flick this switch to “On” and press “Ok” on the dialog.

You’ll be taken to the billing entry page to enter your card details.

After filling in your details and clicking “Subscribe”, you will be taken to your account overview on the “My Account” page. This breaks down your monthly subscription in a readable manner.

If you’d like more specific information, you can view all billing information about your account on the “Billing History” tab of the “My Account” page.

That’s it! After successfully subscribing, Kumulos will serve API requests to more than 25 devices for your live apps.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, you can email us at [email protected]