Here are a few apps that you probably can’t afford to use…

Here are a few apps that you probably can’t afford to use…

The app business is built on the idea that you’re not paying for big, bulky expensive programs like you would for desktop. You’re paying for a small, quick app that fulfills a very specific role. It’s rare to see an app that costs more than $10 unless it’s very special. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t crazily expensive apps; or apps that aren’t doorways into a world that only the mega rich can move in.

There was the famous “I Am Rich” app a short while ago, that did literally nothing, but you paid $999.99 for. It was simply an app that you could buy to prove that you were richer than your average smartphone user. And to that end, here are a few more apps that unless you have a load of cash in the bank, are quite likely to stay out of your reach.


Private jets. Do you have one? Probably not, but then neither do most people. This app, however, is aimed at people who can afford it, but are looking to streamline their private air travel. Blackjet is designed to be a one stop shop for on-demand private air travel. Of course you need $2,500 to join the club in the first place, and each flight will run into the thousands of dollars each time. No idea as to whether that is better than owning and running your own plane, but we can dream right?

UPDATE 2017: No longer around


Arriving on the luxury travel scene with a name that sounds like it should be only spoken in the smooth latin tones of Antonio Banderas, Inspirato is where the rich go to find a holiday that is equally as expensive as their private jets. Think Experia for those with wallets deeper than the Mariana Trench. Again, whether this works better than just getting your PA to find you a holiday they know you like we don’t know but just saying the name “Inspirato” makes us feel slightly classier.

UPDATE 2017: Looks like they’re doing fine. 


Luxury cars are all very well and good, but nothing says “I have far too much money.” like owning a boat, or a few.  But what if you have this boat and can’t currently use it? Isn’t it a shame for it to just sit there gathering weed and barnacles? Well, now you can hire that boat out to another rich person to use for a while using Boatbound. Why would you do that with something that can easily cost more than the average house? No idea, maybe you just like the idea of your boat being free on the waves rather than tucked away in some marina.

UPDATE 2017: Looks like they’re doing fine. 

Speaking of houses though:


Airbnb has done incredibly well for itself as a kind of “couchsurfing for those who actually want a damned bed” style service. Did you know that there’s a rich person variant? It’s called Onefinestay and basically, you get to stay in another rich person’s house rather than a hotel. For those who are used to the comforts of home, or just those who like the idea of having sex in someone else’s custom designed bed.

UPDATE 2017: Looks like they’re doing fine. 

So now that we’re all sufficiently jealous of how the other half lives, we have but one thing left to do; to remind you that whilst these services might cost the average person a Kidney; Kumulos certainly does not. You get a lot of bang for your buck with our Mobile Backend as a Service and we can guarantee your app development project will move much faster than you ever thought possible.

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