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What’s happening with Kumulos?

The geeks are busy just now fixing bugs before we go into phase two of the beta programme. We’re going to be making some improvements to the interface design and integrating a bunch of new features based on your feedback. You can expect to see Beta #2 up and running in March. Here’s the plan:

Bugs and Support Tickets:

Here are the categories of bug fixes. We need to assess which ones are technically feasible and have them ready for beta #2.

–       New Objective C Library

Some of the users have had problems using the objective C library with both iOS and OSX. This can cause crashes and other problems; these issues are currently being addressed.

–       Database Engine

Some people have had problems storing certain types of data such as dates and images. We’re currently in the process of testing the changes we have made to the database engine; expect to see these fixes rolled out in March.

Interface Improvements:

We are making a bunch of improvements to the interface design based on your feedback, here’s what you can expect to see:

– We are completely overhauling the browse data interface to use a new Ajax system. This will allow people to browse data without screen refreshes and the data will be laid out in a more coherent manner. Inserting new records and managing your database will also be much easier.

– Adding new tables will be easier to custiomise with an additional settings panel to give you more control over your table structure.

Feature Updates:

Based on our conversations with you, here are some of the new features going into the mix:

–       Fulltext Searching

Fulltext searching will be enabled on certain table fields to store and index large chunks of text.

–       External Database

This is the one everyone has been asking about. Kumulos will support connections to an external database. This means if you have a database, or you would like to build a database on your own server, then you will be able to do this with a new database import feature. This means you can use Kumulos APIs to connect your iOS/OSX app directly to your own, hosted database. This is really useful if you have a website or E-Commerce database that you would like to access via the iPHone or OSX. You will now be able to use the Kumulos API tools to quickly and easily build a suite of APIs and bindings for iOS and OSX. Alternatively, it may be that you want to create a desktop content management system for Mac.

–       SSL Support

Many of you have been asking us about support for SSL. This will be available as part of beta#2.


Many of you have asked about pricing for the software, here’s what we’re going to do:

While you are developing your app for iOS or OSX, Kumulos will be free to use. Only once you put an app into production, we will introduce a small monthly fee.

Kumulos will be available for a small monthly fee for each app that you build. Each app will cost $10 per month, subject to a fair usage policy. This means that if your app is successful and intensive on resources, there will be a scalable additional monthly fee for excess usage. Additional bolt-on features and service enhancements such as SSL support will be available for a small additional fee.

So why take a punt on a small company from Scotland?

We have been building apps for mobile and web for the past 8 years with over 50 years combined industry experience in the team. The project is fully funded in its own right. Designed by app developers, for other app developers to use and enjoy. We understand the pain of creating database driven apps, that’s why we built Kumulos.

In other news, we are considering rebranding the software. We feel that Kumulos doesn’t really convey what we are all about. The powers that be have suggested a new name. That name is ‘Pizza Cruncher’. We are going to be putting a poll on the blog to see what you like. Which do you prefer, Kumulos or Pizza Cruncher? Hey, we all love eating pizza right?

Thanks again for your support and feedback, keep talking to us; we’re listening and looking forward to seeing you for beta #2

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