China and Smartphones, The Emerging Super Market

It seems like today that China is where it’s at, business wise at least. Their economy is growing at a near absurd rate and the country is accumulating wealth and buying up land like no other. Their technology industry is, like everything else, booming and expanding fast and they now are the home of major smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, who recently announced a 6.1 inch phablet, the largest phablet on the market.

This abundance of wealth has started to allow the average Chinese citizen the ability to buy premium mobile handsets and the iPhone has been making a big splash. The recently released iPhone 5 sold 2 million phones in one weekend as technophile and status conscious Chinese lapped up the latest offering from Apple.

Nokia and Samsung have also been making big inroads into the Chinese market with separate pushes to get their premium handsets (The Lumia 920 and Galaxy S3 respectively), out into the hands of customers there.

In fact, there are now mobile OSs that are soon to come out that aren’t even tipped for release here in the west and are instead going straight to China as their first port of call because that’s now where the money is.

So why are these manufacturers targeting the Chinese?

Simple, because it’s an untapped market will a lot of money in it.

It’s only been quite recently that middle class Chinese have been able to afford high end technology that is more common on the other side of the globe, but they have shown a great desire for the devices and also the status that owning a premium device can bring.

And of course, with this influx of devices also causes a huge influx of new customers into the app market that you as an app developer can target. With millions of smartphones flying off the shelves in China, that’s a lot of new customers wanting apps for their new purchases.

Of course, Chinese app market desires can be quite different to our own. For example, one of the most popular apps in the store for a while was a Microblogging platform called Weico and that was joined by an Instagram look-a-like and a location based social app that lets you find people using the same app near you, talk to them through the app and also find them so you can meet face-to-face.

The main reason to be interested in the Chinese app market is that, like everything else to do with the country, it’s expanding extremely quickly and that’s leaving a lot of space to fill with new ideas and exciting reinventions of old classics that couldn’t compete in our now quite saturated app market. With China comes the opportunity to try out new things and also to invest in a country that is looking to have one of the most stable and powerful economies in the world.

So if you’re an app developer looking for a way to develop differently, it might be time to to two things.

One, get to researching the Chinese market.

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