PC sales are doing great! Said no one ever.

It’s not a secret these days that PCs aren’t exactly as popular as they once were. Mobile has been rapidly eating into their market share and mobile data useage is coming up behind PC data use fast. Microsoft is posting shrinking profits and is having to be content to take 3rd place in the big tech company races. Obviously they’re still not short of cash, but compared to Apple’s regular hauls of enough money to buy up large portions of the developing world, it’s not as spectacular.

Now Gartner have just released a report that is continuing the flow of information toward PC’s demise.

In the report Garner point to 5 consecutive quarters of shrinkage in the PC market, which is, in their words; “longest duration of decline in the PC market’s history,”. Almost entirely across the board PC manufacturers are seeing falling profits and shrinking markets, with Acer seeing a huge reduction of 35% from 2012 to 2013. HP and Lenovo are still battling for supremacy, but Lenovo seem to be hanging on grimly and have seen the least amount of shrinkage in the market, with only 0.8% of a reduction of sales.

HP are just behind Lenovo in terms of overall market share, but they apparently control significant markets such as the US and EMEA whereas Lenovo have more control in the Asian and Oceanic markets, balancing out the numbers.

Overall the sales figures don’t paint a good picture, with the sales this last quarter dropping to 76 million units which is a 10.9% drop in sales from the same period last year. It seems that the massive tablet sales we’ve been hearing about are taking their toll. After all, if you’re just a casual PC user who only wants to browse the internet, occasionally send an email and watch a video or two, why would you need a PC when a tablet can do all of these and be lighter and cheaper in the process?

That question is what’s driving many people to abandon their old PCs in favour of something flatter and more modern. Obviously there is still a market out there for PCs, for example, you try to do any kind of serious typing on an iPad without a good quality wireless keyboard and see how far you get. That said though, as tablets evolve, PCs are more and more a niche market.

Let’s just not tell Microsoft that people blame Windows 8 for all this.

Thankfully though, the mobile market is growing as happily as ever and there’s no better time to make an app. So if you’re an app developer, you just carry right on what you’re doing. If you need some help along the way though, we at Kumulos have a Mobile Backend as a Service designed from the ground up to make sure your app development project goes off with the least amount of hitches.

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UPDATE 2017: We were pretty much spot on, as PC sales continued to decline through 2016