Kumulos Updates – November, 2016

Howdy folks – just wanted to let you know what are some of the latest and greatest Kumulos updates we’ve released over the past few weeks.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve spent time updating some of our popular features and introducing some new ones to help make your clients apps even better (not to mention making you look really good in the process)… Its the latest in a long list of enhancements and improvements we’ve made to Kumulos. Check out our earlier updates to Kumulos.

If you can’t wait to read all the way to the bottom, just click on the link to jump right to the updates for that feature. We don’t mind.

Push Segmentation

segmentsPush notifications are one of the most effective ways to keep users engaged with an app

We introduced the Kumulos Push Service a few months back and the response from customers has been overwhelming.

So what did we do? Take a break? Nope. We put our noses back to the grindstone and made the amazing Kumulos push service even better by adding segmentation.

Want to send a specific push message to app users by country or device? No problem. Kumulos has you covered.

With push segmentation you can send push messages to users by country, city, app version and more.

Push segmentation in Kumulos

Auth0 and Encryption Support

Auth0 is one of the most popular authentication services out there on the Internet. Want to add Auth0 to your Kumulos app? It couldn’t be easier.

We’ve added support for JSON Web Tokens in our Kscript server-side scripting engine so you can now integrate Auth0 to add login and authentication functionality to your app.

Like it or not, the bad guys are out there. You can now keep your client’s data safe and secure with AES encryption in Kumulos.We have also added support for asymmetric AES encryption and bcrypt password hashing.

Read more about encryption Support in Kumulos 


Hybrid apps are a great way to build a mobile app once that can be shipped on both iOS and Android platforms. For digital agencies transitioning into the mobile app development space, hybrid can be the way to go as they already have HTML and Javascript skills in-house.

Therefore, in the interest of giving our customers what they want, we have released a Cordova SDK on GitHub so that you can use of the great Kumulos features such as push notifications in your hybrid apps.

And we’re not done there – oh, no! We also have an Trigger.io SDK on iOS that allows you to add Kumulos features to your Trigger.io apps.

Read more about Cordova integration in Kumulos.


Swift is rapidly becoming the language of choice for iOS developers, so we’ve released a native SDK for Swift so you can add push notifications, get analytics and manage content in your Swift apps. This is the first of our SDKs to be made available open-source on GitHub so you can easily and quickly integrate into your app via Carthage.

We’ve updated both our SWIFT and Objective-C platforms to iOS10.

We’re also working towards open sourcing our SDKs, and Swift is the first to go!

Download the Kumulos Swift SDK on GitHub.

New improved Android and Objective-C SDKs

We have updated our native Android and Objective-C SDKs in Kumulos to add push notifications and analytics as well as support the latest versions of iOS 10.

So shiny, they still have that new SDK smell!

Parse Migration Guide

January 28, 2017 is just around the corner now and anyone who still has apps hosted on Parse or using Parse Push needs to migrate to another solution before January 28 when the Parse service will be shutdown. We’ve written a handy migration guide showing how to migrate an app from Parse to Kumulos and our awesome tech support team are standing by ready to migrate your data for you.

Are you ready? You can be with our easy to follow Parse Migration Guide.

So What’s Next?

Believe us, if we told you now you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Let’s just say that Kumulos plans on having an extra special holiday time gift for all our customers.

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