Kumulos: Welcome

These are sweet times in the world of mobile computing. The whole industry is changing before our eyes as mobile apps shift gradually (for now) toward the cloud. Development for iOS and OSX is evolving. It’s moving to the cloud.

Amidst this transition, the core foundation for mobile apps is the database itself – the technology that enables developers to create sweet apps. So what’s happening behind the scenes? As we move to the cloud, the underlying essence of core database architecture is evolving. This shift is occurring away from the traditional client/server model adopted over 30 years ago.

Using Kumulos, databases need no longer be focused on a single application or scale. Even across teams of iOS and OSX developers throughout your business. Kumulos is a data utility that runs multiple iOS and OSX projects across developer teams of all sizes. Forget about scaling, tweaking and backups. Even the traditional software update will be redundant because Kumulos upgrades itself, whilst making sure everything else keeps working.

So what happens you use Kumulos? Using Kumulos you can create virtually limitless requests against a database in a simple drag and drop dashboard interface. The number of database records on Kumulos has quadrupled in 4 weeks. 85% of these database records are being called from your custom built iPhone, iPad and Mac OSX apps. These are the apps we download and use in our every day lives. This is the service that Kumulos provides. That makes us feel special.

The iOS and OSX app development industry moves fast. The apps we build today, are not the apps of tomorrow. Compelling new technologies come to prominence, location and social components helping to enrich our apps and our user experience. The industry is transforming and Kumulos provides an easy and valuable means of enhancing your database driven IOS and OSX apps.

Kumulos is the first true cloud database platform designed by iOS and OSX developers, for iOS and OSX developers. It’s simple and easy to use and already trusted by development teams from Delhi to Denver. It’s ready to enhance your iPhone and iPad apps, create new revenue streams and increase app downloads. It’s not some clunky, overly complex, overly priced enterprise level sloth. It’s a clean, lightweight solution that helps iOS and OSX developer teams create really cool database driven apps.

So what exactly can you do with Kumulos? Well first and foremost, it’s an iOS/OSX developer toolkit, with the stuff you need to quickly create database driven apps in an easy to understand environment. It let’s you create massively scalable databases and automatically generates API’s as you construct your data model. Kumulos is the first data utility that enables iOS and OSX developers to rapidly deploy and scale apps with no hardware, no software installation and no fuss.

Kumulos is designed for today’s iOS and OSX apps living in tomorrow’s world. App developers are moving to the cloud and the fundamental core of database architecture is evolving too.

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