The SAY Award App and Kumulos’ Role

The Scottish Album of the Year Award happened last Thursday night, and aside from being a great night (with apparently excellent cocktails according to the members of our team who went along), it also is a fantastic chance for up and coming Scottish artists to compete and establish their names. At Kumulos, we’re all about helping the little guy get themselves going, that’s pretty much the whole purpose of our Mobile Backend as a Service after all, helping developers get their apps out there.

Kumulos’ Backend is also used by our sister app development company Waracle quite regularly to develop client apps, and one of those was the app for the SAY Awards. Waracle have made the app for the awards for two years now, and Kumulos has been there to support the development process. The app itself is designed to let users listen to the various albums on the awards list, watch the music videos of the artists involved and vote for the albums they want to see in the short list.

Kumulos hosts the lists of which albums to show on the app, and when they should be shown, holds artist and album bios, tracklistings and tracks user votes. Without Kumulos all of this would have to be held on a bespoke Mobile Backend, which, as most developers know, is a pain to create and makes things like upgrading and maintenance more difficult. SAY Award is also cross platform, covering iOS, Android and Windows Phone, which, again, Kumulos made much easier for the folks over at Waracle by allowing the various app versions to reach the same information without having to fight about incompatibilities.